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DCA engages in a collaborative way with clients and is passionate about delivering houses that are individual and distinctive. He believes his client is the most important factor in a project and during the design process his client desires are invited and respected.


Diamond Beach House


Darren Campbell


Engineer:  RPE Engineering Services



Location:  Diamond Beach

Type:  New dwelling


Status:  Under construction

Design, documentation:  2 years


This development is a new two-storey residence under construction on a beachfront site at Diamond Beach.

In addition to capturing the 180 degree panorama of the ocean, the house is designed to promote cross ventilation of the internal spaces on the ground and first floor levels.  The building perimeter forms an “H” shape in the plan to avoid large internal areas.  A north facing courtyard is included in the design maximising the northerly aspect and the advantages of winter sun penetration.

The roof form proposed slopes up towards the street to present an interesting arrangement of structure, texture, and colour of the underside of the roof element.  It is designed to be lightweight in appearance and floating above the solid walls of the house.  A horizontal band of windows visually separates the walls of the house from the roof.

Passive surveillance of the street is offered by the open central corridor on both levels with the entry doors at ground level and glazing on the first-floor level.

The proposed development is located behind the foredunes the bases of which are protected by underground rock formations providing stability and protection against wave action and erosion.  The development will therefore not contribute to any degradation of the beach environment.